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Selam, and thank you for stopping by!


Deseta Design is a modern lifestyle brand that makes giftable items inspired by the rich patterns and colors found in traditional Ethiopian art. This brand is a reflection of of who I am - an Ethiopian by birth raised in the Diaspora, and now living in Brooklyn to pursue a creative career. When I first launched this site, I wanted it to be a place to showcase my mixed media and ceramic pieces, two of the mediums I was exploring at that time. These artforms were influenced both by my heritage and my lived experience; the mixed media pieces recreated the traditional Ethiopian angel motif by merging my love for fabrics (thanks to my life as a textile & home decor designer by trade) with painting, and the ceramic pieces were hand painted with designs inspired by the beautiful and intricate patterns found in orthodox crosses. 


I eventually moved away from these fine art pieces to make salable commercial products. I started by designing greeting cards for a range of occasions and had fun applying Ethiopian themes celebrating the major holidays. Back then this was a void in the market, but I was really using it as an excuse to force myself to practice digital illustration - a skillset I've vastly improved since then. But as someone who is always inspired by what's trending in the market, I shifted my focus away from greeting cards to design other products like temporary metallic tattoos that looked like Habesha jewelry and an emoji app celebrating all things Ethiopian and Eritrean.


Currently, the primary focus in my store is on the line of nursery and kids room decor, which includes organic baby blankets, fabric toys and little girl dolls. While the print and pattern that applied to these products are inspired by Ethiopian art, the designs are whimsical and relatable, giving them broad audience appeal.


My growth as a digital illustrator has landed me some exciting client work opportunities and collaborations. I am always available for commissions if the project is right for me. Please contact me if you have an opportunity I'd be a great fit for.


If you have any questions in general, please also drop me a line, I would love to hear from you! Or if you would just like to stay up to date on my latest shenanigans, please follow me on Instagram and sign up for my newsletter below.


Deseta means "happiness" in Amharic, and I certainly hope my work has put a smile on your face as I celebrate my heritage through every piece I create.

Thank you,

Maro Haile

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