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Selam, and thank you for stopping by!


Deseta, which means “happiness” in Amharic, is design and style inspired by traditional Ethiopian design, art and culture. It is no coincidence that the aesthetic found here reflects my cultural makeup: an Ethiopian by birth who was raised in the Midwest, and now calls Brooklyn home. When I launched this site in late 2012, I had wanted a place to showcase my mixed media and ceramic pieces, two of the art mediums I was exploring at that time. True to my cultural background, both artforms expressed my take on the traditional motifs and patterns found in Ethiopian art. The mixed media pieces recreated the traditional angel motif by merging my love for fabrics (thanks to my life as a textile designer & product developer by trade) with painting. The ceramic pieces were hand painted with designs inspired by the beautiful and intricate patterns found in orthodox crosses. 


But soon after the site launch, instead of showcasing more of these pieces, I found myself building the “deseta brand” – one that is Ethiopian inspired with a universal appeal for casual, everyday items. But I still have love for my mixed media angels! Those pieces are made on a custom-order basis.  if you are interested in having a piece commissioned, please feel free to contact me and we can start a conversation.


Please do come back and visit again. drop me a line if you have any inquiries or comments – I would love to hear from you. and please follow me on my Insta for updates on new designs and last minute offers.

Thank you,

Maro Haile

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