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Sunshine and Magic Decals

Sunshine and Magic Decals


What could be better than providing sunshine and magical protection for your little one? The Sunshine & Magic collection is inspired by the art found in Ethiopian Magic Scrolls. Dating back to the 5th century, these scrolls were created by Däbtäras, who were unordained clerics of the Orthodox Church and also practiced traditional medicine. Magic Scrolls were created to cure an ailing person of his/her affliction. Scrolls consist of healing prayers written in Ge’ez paired with talismanic images possessing magical powers – such as protective angels or powerful demons intended to act against evil spells  – on parchment.  Learn more here, and click through to the end of the product photos to see a few of the images that inspired this collection.



  • Printed with eco-friendly inks and have a subtle, linen-like texture allowing for rich, vibrant product
  • Removable and reusable, and can be applied to any smooth surface (not just your walls!)
  • To use, remove decal from adhesive backing and press firmly onto your surface of choice
  • To reuse, simply remove decals from the surface and adhere to any wax or parchment paper and store until ready for use again
  • Decals adhere firmly to any smooth surface without causing any damage or leaving any sticky residue


This order contains a total of 14 pieces:

3 White Suns, 5.25” round

3 Yellow Suns, 5.25” round

2 Magic Spirits, 5.25” x 5.5”

2 Small Magic Spirits, 4.75” x 5.5”

4 Clouds, 6.15” x 3.25”


*Decals are recommended for smooth, clean & dry surfaces only.


Also available in this pattern story are matching plushies and blanket – get the full collection!



Please allow 1 week for order to ship. All orders are sent via USPS 2-day delivery. Tracking info will be provided once item(s) ship. 

PLEASE make sure that items will be shipped to an address that can securely receive shipping, as Deseta can’t be held responsible for any lost or stolen packages once atracking number has been issued. Thank you for your understanding!

All sales are final. If there is a mix-up with your order, or if you received damaged goods, please contact us and include a photo of your package so that we can rectify the issue immediately.



Images 1 & 2: Images that directly inspired the motifs in this collection


Image 3: A magical spirit inked with beautiful linework and an adorable little face


Image 4: Scrolls were often rolled and worn as an amulet on the neck of the owner to ward off the petulant curse, as seen in this image


Image 5-8: Various beautiful images of different scrolls

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