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For the Culture - Invitation Suite

For the Culture - Invitation Suite


For the Culture! IYKYK.

This collection celebrates the true essence of the traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean weddings, beautifully captured in the inspiration photo at the end.


By purchasing this item, you will receive downloadable digital files of this wedding invitation suite, which includes the Save the Date, Invitation, Melse/Melsi and RSVP. Also available are additional “extra card” designs with simple border layouts that can be used for menu, event details, directions, etc.


How does this work?

After you make the purchase, please send me an email at with your wording in the same format seen in these cards. If you need any of the “extra cards”, please let me know what you need it for, and what that text should be. To make sure you are sending me the complete and correct information, please answer the questions at the bottom of this page.


Alternatively, if you would like to structure the text differently, I will send you a link to a low-res editable file where you can adjust the wording as you like. Please note that you will only be able to edit the text areas of these cards – no parts of the designs can be altered, moved or deleted. So you will need to make sure your text fits in the allotted space on the cards.

Also note that you can include a QR code to the RSVP cards.


Please also include your order # in the email for reference.


Need cards with Feedel text? Or in any other language? The steps above apply to this request as well. Just let me know and I will send you a link where you can enter your own text.


Once the final text for each of the cards has been sent to me, or entered by you in the link I send, I will generate hi-res files for you to download, in the file format of your choosing. You can then send the files to a professional printer for printing. Most professional wedding printers offer envelopes in matching sizes so be sure to inquire with them for that.


If you only have the text for the Save the Date at the time of purchase, you can start by sending me that information first, then follow up when you are ready for the Invite and Melse cards.


Want to customize the color palette of these cards? A minimal color tweak is available for no additional charge but note that only the teal color can be changed to the color of your choosing. The black, white and gold colors can’t be altered.


If you any questions, either before you purchase or at any point after that, feel free to send me a message at any time and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


I look forward to working with you on your very special day!



Please send me the details below if you would like me to reword your cards in the same format as these designs. Do not send additional or different information as it will not fit on the card as it is. If you would like to add additional information, I will send you the link to enter yourself as you like.



1.) Save the Date:

-First names of Bride and Groom


2.) Invite:

-First and last names of the Bride and Groom

-Date, time, name and full address of wedding venue

-Time, name and full address of reception venue


3.) Melse

-Melse or Melsi? Ethiopian or Eritrean?

-Date, time, name and full address of venue


4.) Please confirm if you will be sending these cards digitally, or if you will be getting them printed


Please note that 2 rounds of edits are included in this purchase.




PLEASE NOTE that this purchase is for a one-time use, and transferring these files to anyone else for repeated use is STRICTLY prohibited. Please respect the artist. :)

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