christmas tree wall decal

christmas tree wall decal

do you live in a "cozy" apartment or dorm, and do you want a christmas tree without dealing with all the messy needles? then this  tree decal and angle tree toppers will be perfect for you!
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    your purchase comes with 1 tree body, 2 tree trunks (just in case you lose one!) and 2 angel tree toppers - 1 pink afro, and 1 blue afro.


    tree + trunk measures 5ft h x 2 ft w
    angel tree toppers measure

    to apply, simply peel the tree, trunk, and topper of your choice to your wall. decals are completely repositionable and strong enough to handle several applications. to remove and store, you will need to be careful to keep the wax coated backing. simply remove the decals from the wall, and carefully reapply the backing, waxy side up. this may require a few attempts to align the tree decal to its backing, but it's totally doable!